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All the features you want, to make your business easy & convenient!

Replicated Website

An online marketing tool that allows you and your business partners to easily reach out to potential customers without any hassle.

eCommerce Website

All members will have their own website, a powerful tool to enforce product selling, simplifying business processes, making more practical, more efficient and faster.

Mobile Marketing

Be able to send SMS blasts to millions of customers. High volume text campaigns will be provided through our technology.

Free Delivery Nationwide

Upon purchase online, you will receive a tracking number real time, you can track the status of your order 24/7 online at www.xend.com


EON has the best business multipoint video conferencing software for you have your own webinar for your team.

24/7 Tech Support

You can interact with a technical support representative in real time with all of your concerns, 24/7.